Tips for Using an SCT Tuner

Readers who are looking for an inexpensive way to increase the power and performance of their diesel trucks should consider purchasing an sct tuner. These programming devices interact with the computers in trucks to alter how they run, affecting things like torque, horsepower, and fuel mileage. New tuners can be purchased online or from local dealers, offering an affordable way for readers to customize their rides.

Using SCT tuners isn’t rocket science but can get a little bit complicated with all the options drivers have. Read on to find a few tips for using these devices below.

Choose the Right Tunes

Tuning can be chosen based on the truck’s intended use. So, for example, if it is used for heavy towing, it makes sense to purchase a Heavy Tow tune. If it is used for daily highway driving, readers may want to buy a tune that improves fuel efficiency and focuses less on towing. It’s also important to realize that highly-customized trucks will require customized tuning rather than standard setting.

Load Tunes Correctly

Before loading new settings, drivers should ensure that their vehicles and all of their accessories are turned off before getting started. The device can then be plugged directly into the truck’s OBDII port and offer step-by-step instructions. Make sure to skip adjusting options when installing a new custom tune.

Custom Tunes and Service Work

It’s important that drivers return their trucks to their stock tunes prior to taking them in for service. Do the same before taking it in for an emissions test. Those who are concerned about how their custom settings might be impacting performance should bring their fears up with mechanics who can often suggest better settings for a particular application.

Save Stock Tunes

Most SCT tuners will save vehicles’ stock tunes the first time a custom tune is installed, but it’s a good idea to have a backup copy. Save a copy of the stock tune to a PC or laptop computer prior to getting started installing new tunes. This will save a good deal of hassle should the device itself need to be replaced, as the stock tunes can simply be loaded onto a new tuner.