Tips on Having a Monument Designed from the Bay Area’s Most Recognized Memorial Designer

The design of a custom gravestone allows a person to create a permanent celebration of the deceased person’s life. To ensure that a monument will last, a person needs to seek expert guidance and assistance from The Bay Area’s most recognized memorial designer. While this is a smart move, it is also a good idea to use the tips here.

When a person knows what they want the headstone to look like, they can begin the overall design process. Keep the tips here in mind during this process.

Choose a Strong Material

Bronze and granite are considered two of the most commonly used materials for headstones. This is due to their superior strength and the ability they have to retain their appearance even when exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Granite is also offered in an array of finishes and colors.

Another option is to choose a material that combines granite bases and bronze plaques. This provides the benefits of both materials.

Choose the Right Lettering Technique

During the design of a headstone, the lettering should be clear and done in a way that it remains legible for several years. A granite headstone can be laser-etched or hand-engraved, depending on how the customer wants the final product to look.

Engraving is the ideal option for simple stones, while the use of laser-etching is best for creating images and fonts that are more ornate.

Select the Size

A person needs to choose from a flat and upright headstone. These can be customized to suit any budget and style. One of the main benefits offered by an upright headstone is that they are much easier to see from a distance; however, these markers are much more susceptible to wind damage during a severe weather event.

Being informed is the best way to ensure that the right headstone is selected and that it lasts as long as possible. Take some time to consider all the options and work with the professionals to find the headstone that best meets the person’s wishes and needs. Remember, be sure to consider the options carefully to get the desired results.